My pages.

Vörður's "My pages" are one of the most important contact point for its customers. We designed the feature after extensive user analysis to create a simple. effective and useful user experience where users can order, change and modify their insurance online.

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Nomination- Web system of the year

Make your users the priority

Vörður plans to become the leading digital solution oriented insurance company in Iceland. To achieve that goal, they had to overhaul their "My pages" feature and put the user in first place. The needs of the user and the their expectations are the key to designing an effective.

Function, Co-ordination and simplicity

On "My pages" you can do all change and modify your insurance at will.  possible things pertaining to your collateral. You can view, change and improve your insurance without discussing with the dealer or adviser.

Design that increases usage

The design is a simple, stylish and powerful mix of clear drawings and understandable processes. Every process was tested by tusers and experts to create the best possible experience. Better experience Increase usage which correspondingly returns in easier  conversions and lower manpower demands.

Vörður believes that the future lies in intelligent automated solutions that gives the user the opportunity to manage their lives on their terms, not the company's


Comprehensive changes made to Vörður's design system, articial intelligence and UI drastically increased customer choice and decreased the strain on Vörður's manpower.


Fewer physical visits.


Fewer physical visits.


Increased logins.


Fewer calls to the call center

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