Design system

Vörður digital strategy demanded a uniform look and a clean process for creating content, websites and digital products.The key to this process was a design sytem which coordinates the tone, brand and appearance of Vörður.

Nomination- Open digital category

The design system simplifies the process and saves time.

The design system implifies the process and saves time by helping Vörður to  act quickly and safely in a rapidly growing digital world.

Tangled design

Following increased business and the pivot to the digital strategy Vörður's design was looking inconsistent. These inconsistencies made it time-consuming to develop or release new digital products. It was difficult for new parties to take over of projects or release a new project while also causing confusion for the user.

A unified look and design.

The new system was focused on creating user-friendly and accessible design, but at the same time the appearance was given a fresh touch with new colors, fonts and forms that are in tune with the brand.


The system is accessible for all those who work to design and marketing. On the internal website where you can find all the drawings, embodiments, colors, fonts , shapes and symbols.

Smart drawings.

Along with the standard icons, drawings were designed to be consistent and multiuse to create the appearence of uniformity across all platforms.

Made for the web

When designing a new process, subpages or other content, designers and managers use the design system an ensure a uniform imagery in all mediums while simplifying the process to a great extent.

The design system  does not just simplify the process for Vörður but creates a comfortable uniform experience for the user. Saving both time and money is great, but creating oppurtunities through user experience is even better.


Comprehensive changes made to Vörður's design system, articial intelligence and UI drastically increased customer choice and decreased the strain on Vörður's manpower.


Increased logins.


Fewer calls to the call center


Fewer physical visits.


Fewer e-mails.

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