Smart city Reykjavík

Reykjavík city demonstrated their combination of intelligent solutions and improved services to the population of Reykjavík in UT messan with a fun and interactive booth.

Nomination- Open digital category

UT Messan

UT Messan is one of the largest event in the field of information technology in Iceland where technology companies showcase their latest solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. UTmessan was therefore a great platform to show the chatbot Indriði and other smart wonders.

The future comes at maximum speed.

Jökulá created the graphics for the booth as well as designing the booth itself, from UI on touch-screens to swags and giveaways.

Smart robots and garbage cans

Reykjavík smart city had a lot to demonstrate, including a garbage can who spoke with the voice of the former mayor, Jón Gnarr and the chatbot Indriði who helps the employees of Reykjavík report problems and maintenance problems.

Gifts, graphics and so much more

With the chatbot, the user can get a preliminary price for their insurance in just 2 minutes. The overall experience was tested on users and designed to maximize the flow of information.

Reykjavík smart city was a magnificent opportunity to show the city how Reykjavík of the future will function and what changes are coming up.

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