Revamped homepage.

Síminn decided to go for a redesign of their homepage to encourage users to browse  and discover more without having to contact customer support.

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In the beginning of the project wireframes were designed to better  realize the scope and profile of the website. Major developments occurred in this process where & iterations were perfected.

The hierarchy and rules

One of the features was creating a cuztomisable header where users can adjust the header to their needs.


The final design was meant to display more than just a picture and text and could afford to show more infromation without overwhelming the user.

Mobile first

The website was designed "mobile first" where the bulk of the user of Síminn use mobles to navigate the site.

A novelty in the browsing.

One of the breakthroughs introduced was the behavior of the menu. The main points were  plainly visible while the content of the site was shown in a humble and small menu.

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