Stop the landfills

Stop the landfills was a campaign for the recycling company Íslenska Gámafélagið. Stop the landfill was created to challenge the government to stop using landfills to dump rubbish. We agglomerated the brand campaign together with the website, promotional materials and everything else that came to the project.

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Nomination- Websites

Use imagery to tell a powerful story

The idea was to tell users a story through powerful images. The user would also see the effect that they themselves have had through their lifes. The goal was to encourage each user to sign the petition that would be sent to the government of Iceland to stop the use of landfills.

A movement that matters.

The users experience was meant to be powerful and saddening. Showcasing the effects through animation was a key factor in drawing the eye towards uncomfortable facts.


The campaign attracted enormous attention and gathered a large number of signatures of people who challenged the government to stop using landfills.


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