Rebranding and web

GG is a succesful shop for the adventurers who want to traverse through nature and experience it firsthand.We re-branded GG and designerd a new webstore along with it.

The process

When it comes to rebranding you must gather a wealth of information and make decisions only after careful deliberation. Swift changes can put the brand at risk and therefore it is important to be on the safe side. We gathered information from several sources and analyzed them extensively.

We interviewed the owners and analyzed the store

Information from the owners are a valuable source of information  along with our experiences of the store, the staff and clientele.

Analysis of the users and target audience

With this information we analyze audiences, users and create user personas.

Competititve analysis

Using previous analyses and information, we analyze competitors to identify opportunities.

Findings are presented to GG Sport

This information becomes the foundation for the rebrand which is then presented for the GG sport.

GG Sport's keywords


They are authentic and true to their calling to not just sell their products but to give people advice about the gear that makes their adventures possible.


People trust the staff, who all have good experience of both the products and the outdoor activities. People trust the products, which have shown themselves to be trustworthy.


Extensive knowledge of the products and the outdoor activities. This knowledge builds the foundation of a good service that you can rely on.

Logo with a clear vision

Our priorities were to place the GG sport brand clearly and distinctly as a brand that gives their their customers the ability to enjoy nature. And so the logo was designed to reference nature in colors and forms to create a simple, straightforward and understandable logo.

The brand of nature

The look and feel of the brand is derived from nature and what you experience out in the wilds. Simple  earth tones reference the elements, the clothing and nature itself. The colors and font create a trust and warmth towards the trademark.

Web design that works

GG sport prides itself on good and personal assistance to their customes while browsing their impressive catalouge of products. Their webstore must serve the same function for the user and their experience must be both clear and simple while providing expert assistance and information.

Accessible and easy

GG sport is for all those who want to experience the Icelandic nature. The goal is to make not only nature accessible but the equipment needed to enjoy her. The effect is achieved with a comfortable and accessible colors, lettering and design as suppose to the needs of the general user.

Image strategy

In our image strategy we focused on showing ordinary people enjoying themselves in  nature.We don't just celebrate the big achievements, we want to celebrate every achievement, big or small.
Þráin Kolbeinson took the pictures in the summer of 2020 on his journey around the country.

Light and accessible web design

No matter where you are or where you're going the GG website works for all screens . It is perhaps too late to order a pair of walking shoes when you're on the mountain but you still can.

GG's brand is accessible to the general public, amateur and professionals with high demands. Colors, fonts, images and the logo itself work together to create a message  of a trusted service, knowledge and experience.

Let's create something great together!