Firmus is a new accountancy and consultant firm. Our goal was to create both a brand and website that expressed the focus and core business in a clear and comprehensive way.

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The brand.

The brand was new and created with digital design and experience in mind. The goal of the brand was first and foremost to create trust and stand out among the competition. The logo is unobtrusive while the colors and fonts create an important emotion of trust and stability.

A brand that stands out among the competition

Firmus's brand  will amplify the size and the history of the company with the strong colors and örruggum lines. To achieve those effects come litirnur from the Icelandic nature, the mountains, the lakes and the spectrum of nature .

The first contact and the most efficient salesman

The website is intended to be the first and most important contact of the customer with the Firmus. Where customer finds information about Firmus's services of and employees . The user goes through a certain process in each page that leads him towards conversion and lead generation.

A smart adaptation that works in any screen.

The website works in every screen  but was designed moble first.

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