User experience is our passion.

We design UX that gets results for you and your users. We utilize user analysis and testing to design and implement powerful and effective solutions.

Your users are our focus

Every product creates an experience. We help you improve, harmonize and create the right experience of your product, service or business.


Our experts will familiarize themselves with your company and brand to identify challenges, opportunities, target groups and user journeys. We provide various types of analysis and research, ranging from interviews with executives to advanced user testing with eye tracking  and  biometric analysis.

User experience

What the user experiences from your UI will affect his opinion on your service for the long term. We help you to create the right experience with good user interface and web design that is both easy and convenient to use and manage.


Jökulá designs everything needed to create, develop or establish your brand across all platforms. We design all kinds of digital products, brands, UX, and standardized system to facilitate the processes.

Project management

Every project is a complicated web of communication, management and development. Our service includes continuous quality control, communication with contractors, clients and final iterations on the project.

Let's create something great together!

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