Interface design is our profession

Jökulá specializes in creating an effective interface and a good user experience. We offer businesses full service when it comes to interface design, from wire modeling to mini-text.

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Years of experience in collaboration

Trusted service and paid accessibility


The collaboration starts with a thorough analysis of your user's needs and needs


With the available data and objectives, we begin the design process

Fixed price and time

Your company only pays for services rendered and used time.


Regular communication and meetings, even with a Slack channel with direct links to designers.

How do the user tests take place?

We have designed and equipped a dedicated space dedicated to conducting user testing. Users go through specific tasks we call "user stories."

The space contains:

  • Eye scanners for computers and smart devices
  • Cardiac arrhythmimeter
  • Electrophoresis dynamometer
  • No distractions and comfortable facilities
  • Experience Specialist

Why should I hire a firm instead of an employee?

Even the most skilled people are only experts in one or two areas. By taking advantage of our services, you will avoid high extra costs and headaches and instead bring a diverse group of professionals dedicated to your goals.

Interface Designer

What do you get

  • Branding
  • Shorttext
  • Strategic
  • User Experience
  • Wages and salaries
  • Equipment

Glacial river

What do you get

  • User history tested : 1
  • Number of devices tested: 1
  • Number of devices tested: 1
  • Number of users: 2*

What do you get

  • Summary of results
  • Videos
  • In-depth analysis
  • Briefing and recommendations
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How does the probe work?
How many users do you need?
Who is in charge of finding participants?
How does the probe work?

Generally when it comes to studies with eye scanners, the rule of thumb is that 5 users demonstrate 85% of design flaws.  But similarly, certain parts of the design need to be tested very efficiently to get meaningful results. It is best to try a small number of items in each test, with the aim of answering certain questions.

Is it possible to negotiate time or individual projects?

It is possible to negotiate anything, but we always recommend negotiating a long-term fixed term each month. It results in a more cost-effective price to you and closer collaboration.

How do I contact designers?

A communication channel is chosen in partnership with your company. Slack has proven to be convenient and easy to use, but if you want to use workplace, email or any other method, we adapt to your needs.

Can I choose designers?

We always try to accommodate your preferences but our goal is for the designer to collaborate closely with your company and brand. Behind each designer there are many others and collaboration within the studio always results in better design to you.