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Our experts study projects to analyze challenges, opportunities, target audiences and user stories. The diagnostic process takes place from the first meeting and may include interviews with company management and thorough user testing using eye and reaction scanners.

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  • Workshops
  • Design sprints
  • Digital strategy
  • Analysis

User Experience

The user's experience, whether by interface, website, app or brand, shapes their long-term opinion of the company. We help you create the right experience with a good user interface and design that is both easy and convenient to use and respond to.

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  • User testing
  • User flow
  • Wireframe
  • Information architecture


All that we create is designed for ease of access and effective communication. Everything we make will act as your brand ambassador and represent you and your brand to your users. No matter how big or small, our designs will be someone’s first impression of you, and we take that seriously.

  • Interface Design
  • Digital Branding
  • Design system
  • Creative direction
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We like doing things for you, our client, and taking care of all of the jibber jabber that comes along. From the Q and A, to all of the communications, the last steps of the project, down to the the final hand-off - our job isn’t done until it’s done.

  • User tests
  • Optimization
  • User Experience Audit
  • Accessibility analysis
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An effective design system that saves time

Design system


An effective design system that saves time


GG Sport

An effective design system that saves time

Digital Solution

The City of Reykjavík

An effective design system that saves time

web design