An effective design system that saves time

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FÍT Awards

Nomination – Open Digital Category




2017 - present


Design system


User experience


Digital branding


A new design system was necessary for the digital strategy to be successful. The resulting design system is an easy to use tool that harmonizes the tone of voice, look, feel and the strategy of Vörður. The system was developed in collaboration with Reon.

The design system simplifies work and saves time

The design system not only saves work and time, but also helps Vörður respond quickly and rapidly in an ever more complex digital world.

Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

The speed of development and the rapidity of changes made within Vörður started to crack the facade of uniformity with Vörður’s visual language. Inconsistency made it time-consuming to develop or release new digital products, causing a negative user experience with both clients and employees.

Uniform Appearance and Design.

With the new system, the focus was on creating a user-friendly and accessible design, while simultaneously giving the look a fresh touch with new colors, fonts and shapes that work in the modern web environment.


The system is accessible to all those who work on design and marketing matters in Vörður’s internal web, where they can find all the drawings, designs, colors, fonts, shapes and symbols in the design system.

Smart Drawings

Along with the standard, a separate system was designed around Vörður's drawing style. With this, there is always consistency in all content when it comes to drawn images.

Localization of the system

When designing new processes, sub-pages, or other content, designers and managers approach the design system. With this standard, Vörður ensures compatible imagery on all media while simplifying the design process to a great extent.


increase in the number of logins


fewer calls


fewer walk ins


fewer emails

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An effective design system that saves time

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