A new flexible rebrand for Tekk

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Tekk wanted to strengthen their brand awareness as a store, beyond the brands offer.  

Differantiating the brand from it's products

Tekk faced the challenge of creating a stronger brand than the products  and brands available for sale in the store. The solution was to create a visual identity that allowed Tekk to frame the products and brands they sell within their own brand. This solution allows Tekk to show off their identity , personality and voice without reducing the importance of the brands they sell.

The logo is inspired by the four walls of the home and is implemented as a graphical mixture of the letters T and K in the form of a house. The logo and is plain but has a clear reference to both the name and the role of the trademark

Fluid features within a frame

An important part of the new brand is a framework created to accommodate other brands, products or messages. Within the framework, Tekk can promote the products and brands they sell and graphically differentiate their own brand from the selection. It also uses an extensive colour palette, a wide range of textures and a range of fonts. These features can undergo considerable changes without compromising the brand's visual cohesion.

These elements can be updated to any occasion all the while keeping the identity fresh, but consistent, due to the logo and the framing of each element within frames.

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