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Directorate of Health






The Directorate of Health promotes the health of icelanders by ensuring quality health services and promoting public health work. It is a large institution that serves all the people of the country, so its appearance needs to inspire confidence. It was therefore a certain challenge to create a new look from scratch.

Simplified tradition

The new logo is a simplified version of the old, a coat of arms and text displayed in the same look as the traditional ministry logo. We made a large color palette that is divided into several color combinations to simplify use. The basic color scheme of the office inspires confidence, and the five color combinations are used separately to interpret different issues.

Wide range of visuals

Photographs and illustrations are used separately as appropriate at any given time. The footage shows all kinds of people in a wide age range with diverse personality traits. The illustrations are simple and fun, with dark contours and colour surfaces. People are illustrated without skin tone, using hair, clothes and other things to give them personality. Other visuals include objects, scenes, and photographs of Icelandic environments. 

Patterns in Use

In addition to visuals, we use circular and square patterns to give large color surfaces texture and personality. The new look is colourful and varied. It can be formalized for more serious issues but also cheerful with colours and drawings for more fun aspects of health.

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