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Ísold is an Icelandic real estate company that develops and rents out its own real estate around the country.

The abstract interaction between a building and the letter Í

This special position of Isold, speaking to actually two groups under one and the same name, encouraged us to create a dual appearance. We use the same logo to communicate the same values but distinguish between development and rent with separate colour palettes. This principle was then used in the design of Isold's website and its internal appearance. 

The visual elements of the branding use Icelandic architecture and natural landscapes.

The logo is a geometric representation of a building, using the “Í” of Ísold as its pillar. Colors are inspired by the landscape of Iceland. Sea, plants and soil are used to clearly separate the main brand from its two main branches.

User-friendly website 

The website was designed to inspire trust in users and facilitate any search for projects or buildings they would be interested in. Considerable work was also put into making movements and graphics the best to create a comfortable experience for users.

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