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Web design


Firmus is an accounting and consulting firm. Our goal was to create both a brand and a website that described the brand's focus and core values in a clear and comprehensive manner.

The brand is new and created to thrive digitally.  The brand had to create trust and stand out. The logo is plain while colours and fonts create feelings of trust and stability.
Logo Firmus
Face of Firmus

A big brand that stands out 

The Firmus brand is supposed to amplify the size and history of the company with strong colours and trusty lines. To achieve this effect, the colors are derived from Iceland's nature, mountains, lakes and flora of Iceland.

The most efficient salesperson

The website is intended to be the customer's first and most important contact with Firmus.

The customer can find information about the services of Firmus and the company's employees. The users journey leads to a Call to action to convert  more easily.

Firmus website
Firmus website
Firmus website

Smart customization in any screen

The site, of course, works in any screen and any size but it was designed to work better on phones and smaller screens.

Smartphone interface

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