Trends in the user experience in 2021

New year is the ocean, and then is a tradition for the look ahead and try to anticipate what changes will occur in the next 12 months. Such attempts do not walk always up, no one could have predicted that 2020 would be the year of the plágunnar with all her followed. Despite the fact it is both fun and useful to try to anticipate what will possibly happen, what changes will be in the area that we know and what effect they will have.

Here, we want to talk about the five trends in user experience, which we believe will either become even stronger in the years or will even bring many off guard.

Voice control

In the homes of the country's breakthrough to occur. We are starting to talk to our equipment and tools are beginning to understand. A mobile device will become better with every year and all of which can be connected to the electricity can be snjallvæða. Google Nest, Alexa, Sonos, these services will be increasingly more general part of our daily life. 

This trend is both obvious and funny but it is a major challenge consists in its use. Icelandic service providers need to deal with the unique problem that is our beloved ylhýra English. Despite the heroic work determined the party's icelandic simply not eligible for a range of smart accessories. By opening certain apps, we found that when the bus to come, or how the weather is today. But icelandic is, as yet, is an outsider in this development.

Apart from considerations málverndar this trend is bad for the experience of the user. By being forced to use English, we put the wall between us and the technology, the experience will always be that the technology understands us and we are in some way worse than the other civilizations. 

Additional voice control will be part of the experience of all of us during the year and the decade, and it is sad to imagine that the fridge will never understand you.

Scaling in the channels of communication

You encounter problems with djúsvélina you bought the other day and go on Twitter to talk to shop. Two weeks later you get a response: "Sorry about the long svartíma, how can we help you?“ In the meantime, did you, however, enough, just went with djúsvélina at the place and got new ones. And now you have to explain it for the employee markaðsdeildarinnar who went on a Twitter-account of the rælni.

There are three large social media in the united states: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ago are many smaller, Snapchat is still alive, TikTok is, that penetrating, Pinterest is more popular than ever before and so could long count. During the period kept the company that they needed to be on all mediums but in the year will occur a certain escape from the social media. After what companies use spjallmenni and spjallþjónustur more to talk with customers will occur a sharp change in their relations with the users. 

By the same token, much of the coordination of communication become more general and the company will keep better track of communication with customers than before. You no longer need to explain the same problem five times as many employees. Communication channels will be skalaðar down and matched better than ever before.

5G will change the everything

With the arrival of 5G will a mobile device, achieve greater speed than ever before. The phone gets a better connection than the computer that is directly connected to the router with a cable. Websites will be faster and users will insist that they experience shorter hold than before. With 5G opens also possibilities in the design that were not present, the larger the images, the sharper videos, quicker movements. Websites need to take advantage of 5G to the utmost, users will notice if the page is long loading or makes it strange when she opens.

The speed will at the same time raise up dreams with designers to put into things that were previously overweight in vöfum than loading right now in one moment, To form a hero-eat that delay the user or clips that draw the eye from the next steps. The speed can become fraternal sword in which the experience of the user is less important towards the hot design. Only by focusing on improving the experience rather than the design can we be sure we're to take advantage of this increased pace right.

Chatbots will improve Speech will change

Breakthrough spjallmenna has already taken place and many companies are equipped to lay a foundation or make use of the already chat on the pages to solve the problem, make recommendations and provide information. But as the service becomes more general, we notice the importance of speech companies will be more general and more humane operating.

It tolerates no spjallmenni that's like machine and companies will see a benefit in the design language of them as a person. We see this trend already well heppnuðum spjallmennum in tryggingarfyrirtækjum and banks. Other companies will have to follow the same trend to avoid it to the experience of people is that the company is ill talking skilningslaust robot.

By the same token, will be formed experience and training in the language of the staff in the live chat help. When you talk with a customer through chat is not the case of a formal e-mail where all the physical and greeting or a phone call where the communications are in the nature of o tied to time and space. In the conversation can both parties have to wait for the other and need to show patience and understanding but at the same time that can express itself as it is a person speaking, not a robot. This will have a devastating effect on the branded companies and the user experience of them.

UX Tests will become more common 

All websites, digital products and apps need testing . First to eliminate all errors and problems for users, but now the user expects a perfect experience. But how can we know what the user wants before he knows it himself? 

The answer is tests. You can conduct accurate  optical tracking tests, or just ask questions. We here in Jökulá use whatever method will give the best results.

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