What's new in design for 2019

The awareness of the public on good design increases with each year. It is simply more thrill to it, to purchase, view and use the beautiful design. Whether there are beautiful packs, notendavænar homepages or funny commercial then people are more likely to respond to (e. interact) more beautiful design rather than not. Thus, the excel company, who appreciate good design out in the market. We decided to take together a couple of trends that we believe will stand out in 2019.

Bright colors

We always feel fun to play with skirmishes and screaming colors. Many companies, however, have a fear of such actions and choose safer ways. Last year rode Arion bank led the way with bright blue and pink color in endurmörkun on the bank. We consider the ice to be broken and that other companies will follow suit and dare to become quite a bit braver in litarvali.


Many remember how amazing it was to use word-art to spruce up your school paper  and how it made you feel like a real designer. Well gradients may be extremely 90's but they came back in 2018 and will bloom 2019, in our opinion.


Use bright colors and bad design  and dare to challenge everyone's notion of what great user experience means. Design that shocks and draws attention is a winner!

Graphic drawings

Graphic drawings have proven their value in branding and marketing materials. It is our assessment that companies will increasingly have utility drawings made for themselves.

3-D pictures

Three dimensions are not just for movies from 2010! Pretty abstract pictures also  belong online and brands will start using them more and more.

Movement in logos

We want to  see things on the move!  We believe that the company will see increased value  in amazing animation this year , creating a unique way to experience  the brand.

Isometric design

This fun teiknistíll has been to create a niche and we hope and believe that he will flourish during the year.

Micro animations

There is something to it to get a good feedback on the keys on web pages with a light hreyfimyndagrafík. The graphics indicates that something happens if you press the button and increases the likelihood that the click will be on him, and he delivers their purposes. This activity is therefore an important factor in good user experience on web sites that we think companies will focus on increasingly over the year.

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