A shift to a smart service decreased costs and increased customer satisfaction

A Tricky market where advantage is everything

Vörður provides good insurance in a hard market where every customer is a battleground. Their vision is to become the best choice of customers and in the forefront of digital solutions among insurers.

Part of this vision was to reduce the burden on human resources and enable the customers to see all of their insurance, what it costs, what it is guaranteed for, how long, reported the damage and so long.

What we did 

Jökulá designed the experience for customers with a uniform design system that creates a single appearance for the Vörður brand.

By putting the experience of the user in the first place it is possible to design processes around their needs and circumstances. The user can therefore see all of their insurance and have great control of them without the involvement of the employee. The user experiences  their insurance as a pleaseant part of their daily life.

Fewer phone calls - better service

By making the user experience easier, strain on human resources was reduced while the customer receives an excellent service when it suits them. Customers do not need to wait in order to get resolution to their problems. Whether the client is asking questions about insurance or reporting an incident he can conduct his affairs online,excactly how he wants to. Every customers is next in line  and get the service they need. 

Saving and profit

The customer recieves the same excellent service  and he has a choice to speak to a human. But the majority of customers used the automated service which has lead lowered strain on Vörður's staff.  

Since "My sites" were implemented in January 2020 to April 2020.

Without reducing the level of service or raise expenditure  Vörður increase satisfaction and gave better service.

The importance of experience

The users' experience of the service is the basis of  performance. If the experience of the user is not a priority other's needs will be made a priority instead. The user has needs and requirements that the service must meet.  As an insurance company, Vörður must inspire confidence and trust not only with imagery and words but by providing that  experience to the user.

This line is difficult to walk, especially when the needs of others might seem more important. The needs of salesmen, managers, lawyers and developers might become seem more important but in the end the experience of the user is the only thing that matters. It is the user that uses the solution and choose where to use other, human, solutions. Only the user decide whether you solution was investment worthy.

Good user experience is a journey

Good user experience is the basis of a digital strategy. You can always improve it, increase your service and make the process better.  It only happens through constant tests and by listening.

Focusing on good user experience results in better service, increased trust and brand awarenes . Investment in user experience creates not just a beautiful design but the opportunity to optimizations and conversions of new customers.

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