Phygital - we forget about real life?

Start at the beginning. Phygital is a combination of the words digital and physical, digital and tangible. That's why we have provided Jökulá created to become rafþreifanlegt on our versatile tongue. Below we will therefore use rafþreifanlegt when we talk about phygital.

Rafþreifanleiki is a description of the experience of the user on the brand that lives both in the physical world and the digital. To be rafþreifanlegur includes, for example, in a private offering to buy things in the store, and download them. Have you ever gone on netverslunarsíðu where that thought was for everything and the experience was of a specialized shop in the expensive side but then you started to apply the products and they were in the warehouse where the signal búðarinnnar was printed on a A4 sheet of paper? It is an example of an online store that has not rolled up from the rafþreifanleika of the trademark.

Rafþreifanleiki is a combination of raunheiminum and digital journey. It is a philosophy and policy that makes no distinction on the website which provides you the information or the employee who you can talk to. Rafþreifanleiki's not about the device or tool but rather a reformulation heildarferðar the user through the raunheima in accordance with his expectations. Rafþreifanleiki reduces the confusion and uncertainty to prevent erosion in the experience of other electronic and tangible. 

The thing is, namely, in a race to master the digital vegferðinni that many had to toss out in the year 2020 has sometimes forgotten that we can not offer only experience on the internet, but others in real life. The risk with the digital journey is to forget the tangible. Digital journey to solve the RIGHT problem, not to create the work and the load or create a rupture in the experience of your brand.

As an example there are a large number of websites that use spjallmenni than they are to solve problems or create them? Is spjallmennið become a barrier that needs to get through to get to the solution or even to a search engine?

The role of rafþreifanlegrar of thinking is to realize that there is no one raunmunur on what the user wants when he turns on the site or when he comes to you. If we snjallvæðum too much and too fast, we risk creating a situation in which the user experiences a brand that does not understand him and his needs.  

It is simple to solve the problem with rafþreifanlegum personal preferences. First, you need to ask yourself three questions:

Are the needs of the user diversity in electro - and offline? 
Is the difference in the level of service on the web or in-person?
Creates a website of the same brand and raunheimurinn?

The answers to these questions should lead you forward and provoke you to think about what actions you can tie in to reduce the rofinu between the electronic and tangible. Rafþreifanleiki is not the methodology that will shape the world of the new, but here is the case of ideas that we need to keep in mind to create the best possible service, to improve the user experience. 

Take rafþreyfanleika into account!


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