Mobile first?

When designing the interface on the website needs to consider how it will look on all sizes of screens. Vefumferð depends to a large extent carried out on the snjalltækum all of which have different big screens and the website will both look good and their role o on all of them. Smaller screens have less space for the content of the site and therefore need to determine from the first hand how the design prioritizes the material.

The design takes either the middle of my screen snjalltækja or larger tölvuskjáum. In the case of two different techniques that have a tremendous impact on how the page will look and function.

Farsímamiðuð web design?

Adjustment (e. degradation) assumes that the page is designed for computer screens and that the space is reduced on the screen is the content and functionality sacrificed in order to bring its principal síðunnará dependents. Then starts large and decreases thereafter.

The expansion (e. enchancement) is farsímamiðuð web design that focuses on functionality on a small screen and increases the since the design as the screen expands.

Farsímamiðuð web design, it has to aim to prioritize the content and functionality of the parallel growing network - and smáforritanotkun on mobile devices. The majority of netumferðar on a global scale is through the mobile phone and is still increasing. It is clear that the mobile phone has come to be, but it is always best to target the design to your cell phone?

Benefit-design (e. data driven design)

It depends. Jökulá wants to guided by the data and users to determine the method. If can be expected that a large part of traffic will come from tölvunotendum, will be first focused on to meet their needs. Despite the fact that cell phone use is increasing is not possible to assert that the design will be directed to cell phone use in every project for itself. We let the available data about the users and activity deduce what elements and attributes will be kept in the forefront.

Scaling (e. responsive design)

In most cases suitable flexible and skalanleg design that covers all devices and keeps all of the appropriate characteristics and actions regardless of the screen size. It is important to realize the users and their needs and determine out what features the design needs.


The interpretation of data fleshes out options in the design proces . The size difference in mobile devices is enourmous  so In some cases, it is best to assume you will design for smaller screens but it is not a universal rule. The content, the client and the intended user should be the defining factors in deciding wether not to go mobile first.

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