What is UX?

Elva Björk

Jökulá specializes in creating stunning user experience. But what does it mean? Why you should think about the experience in the design? It doesn't just matter that the design is cool?

What does UX?

Start at the beginning. UX is an abbreviation for the English term user experience which has been translated as the user experience, in icelandic. The term comes from Don Norman, the author of the book The Design of Everyday Things, which was a pioneer in user-friendly design. User experience goes, first and foremost out of it how users experience the things and the perceived usefulness, ease and efficiency. 

Everything is an experience. We experience everything that we do whether it is to buy products online or at a local store, view photos on Instagram or play video games in the tv, talk to a customer service representative in a bank or even to open the door.

You need to take in the handle and press directly on the door? Or you need to pull it to you? What if the door is no door handle? Have you caught in the push of the door when you were supposed to pull her to you? All of this has impact on the user experience, which can affect both the behavior and well-being of people.

Designing for the user

When designed for the user needs to take into account users with the combine elements from a variety of disciplines such as design, technology, psychology, business administration and market research. The goal of the designers notendaupplifunar is related to the often used and understand their needs, incentives, difficulties and goals along with forget not that the product or service needed to meet the needs and goals of the company. Then it is important that the designer is always in the joints with the user and to protect his interests against other forces that want to bring their personal preferences and needs to.

If designers took well to the needs of the user hardly think or reflect on things. The user simply does as he is inherently and everything falls in the your hands on him. In order to create such an experience need to test the design and processes of the real users — often and quickly. Never assume anything but test, test and test. You put the user in the first place by placing him in the tilraunasætið.

User experience in web design

Web design that contributes to improving the user experience aims to reduce the bounce of users (e. bounce rate), increase sales and improve the flow of information to reduce the burden on the human resources of the company. 

Such hönnunarferli begins by investigating the behavior of actual users to understand their needs better, talk to them and hear their story and goals before decisions are taken on the appearance and vírlíkan (e. wireframes).

Good experience facilitates the user to finishing what he meant and removes all the obstacles between him and his goals. In addition, try a user-friendly design to improve the experience of the user with that anticipate his needs before he realizes them yourself. Such a design asks himself what the purpose of the page is, who's using her, when she's used and why the user to come down.

Thus creates a good user experience not only good design and cool appearance, but a design that works and delivers results. Better service, more sales, less work, more proceeds. It is a good experience for everyone. 

Do you want to introduce to you how we design notendupplifun?

Elva Björk

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