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Axel F. Friðriksson

Grab attention with animation

The digital world is visual. We communicate with emojis and gifs,  while we  watch 72% more videos this year than the year before. Animation can spark interest and generate massive performance boost if used correctly. The material must be right and it must creat value, evoke feelings, inspire action and reach out to those who watch it. 

Footage for success is designed with the objectives, audience and the medium in mind. These attributes have, in turn, affects how it looks. What forms does it take? How far? How a story to tell?

In Jökulá we have created animation for educational purposes, presentations and advertising. During that process we have learned three things that enable you to create even better content for whatever medium you wish to use present on.

Movement is attention grabbing

Animated pictures are much more interesting than still ones.  Your eyes are directed towards objects on the move and we take better notice. Videos and gifs are shared up to 1200% more than pictures while giving brands the opportunity to tell longer stories than they otherwise would. The audience remembers their message 95% better when they learn through videos, and 72% more will learn about the service, product or company that they meet through video rather than text.

During the process it's important to consider what information you want to show. You want to show the location of your pizza place? Make the location to dance! Do you want people to see the price of the product? Let it burst out in colors and movement.  The human mind is predictable and notices what new, colorful, moving thing you show it.  Use it.

Get to the heart of the matter

Creating videos  is a time consuming process and the viewer expects to see the information he wants as quick as possible.  So don't waste your or your viewer's time! Get to the point quickly and don't waste time doing anything else but achieving your main objective.

On social media you have to get straight to the point and in short and clear sentences. You can always say what you want in three hundred words but can you do the same in three? Sometimes that's viable in text alone but in most cases you need to utilize the power of graphics to convey your message.

Repetitions are good

Good graphics can be reused aggain and again. Correct usage will actually reinforce your brand and your visual values. 

In marketing , a good arsenal of graphics and methords are always preferable. Animation simply adds to that arsenal while refreshing your graphics. Just put a little motion in your brand gives it personality and dimension that allows you to explain and entertain.


With a myriad of small animations, whether it is text or a drawing of a dog with ice cream,  your brand's ability to communicate and increases while giving you the tools you need to keep your material fresh, interesting and on point.

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