Why should you invest in user experience?

User experience is not just a vital part of creating the best possible experience for users but a rational investment. If your organization offers a service or product online, a good user experience is quick to return its investment and save money. We want to show you four important reasons for investing in user experience.

Good user experience increases sales

If your goal is to sell a product or service, user experience is key. The user expects certain information to be available in a specific way he has grown accustomed to. By being mindful of the user and deliver an experience he expects and feels comfortable with you will generate trust and help him take the next steps towards conversion. The user ascribes credibility principally on appearance.

When the conversion goal is not direct selling, it becomes even more important to make the users experience impeccable. The user interprets all of his digital communications with you as an interaction with the company as a whole, and if your interface is not user friendly, it affects the whole brand.

Studies have shown that every dollar invested in UX brings 100 dollars in return. Companies that emphasize on providing good user experience perform better than the companies that do not. Customers are both more likely to take advantage of their services and products and buy more of them.

A good user experience increases engagement

Are users bouncing from your site without looking at what you have to offer them? Have you invested a small fortune creating digital services that nobody uses?
88% of users don't return to a page that did not meet their expectations. (https://econsultancy.com/site-speed-case-studies-tips-and-tools-for-improving-your-conversion-rate/) and no wonder, the users have endless options online and if you fail to communicate your unique selling proposition you run the risk of them going somewhere else.

Good user experience means benefitting the user and encourage him to get to know you better. You  got the user to your content, now convince him you can help him.

Good UX increases satisfaction and loyalty

With a user friendly design  you create loyal and happy customers who want to be in business with you. Satisfied customers tell others and are likely to leave a good review on the internet that are better than gold. They are also more likely to come back again and again, to speak well about you and encourage others to meet you. Up to 23% of satisfied customers say more than a dozen of his friends from experience

A good user experience creates not only a happier and loyal customers, you get to know them better. You know what they want from you and know how you can create value for them. You know what prevents that end-users take the final step and become customers and can even offer them a service which you did not know that they did.

A good user experience lowers other costs

If the experience of the user is kept in a prime facilitates the entire design of the digital content. Less time goes in to reviewing and changing the design of which was so fine for half a year ago. Instead, the design tested and designed with the user in mind. Why to spend money in designing the functionality that the client does not want to and ignore the functionality that he wants to have? A good user experience facilitates all of the user's interaction with the company and reduce the stimulus on the staff. If the client solves all their problems without the involvement of the employees, you can save considerably on human resources and inspire employees to provide those customers who need special help even better service.

The cost of gaining new customers is one of the most important fjárfestingarliður that need to keep an eye on. If you spend more to acquire customers than you'll make on the transaction you're in bad shape. Good user experience is one of the best advertisement that you can invest in and there is no birtingarkostnaður.

Should you invest in UX ?

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