Can an ugly design be good?

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Can an ugly design be good?

We have all seen logos, passed by packaging or looked at an advertisement and asked ourselves: Who actually designed this? Isn't design supposed to be beautiful? The short answer is no. The long answer is below.

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What is beauty?

When a child draws a picture in kindergarten, technique, color choice and perspective do not matter. What matters is that the child used all of its abilities to create something that was meaningful to it. The reason behind the completed drawing makes it beautiful.

Beauty is subjective. It is hidden behind the meaning we give it, habits, and expectations, cultural behavior, and the spirit of the time. What was once beautiful is now ugly. What was once ugly is now fashionable. Beauty is subjective, subjective, and time-limited.

Despite design being subject to the same subjectivity, fashions, and beauty, design is meant to be different. Design follows different rules and objectives, and we must judge it based on different assumptions.

Design is often beautiful. No designer enjoys creating ugly things for an extended period. But beauty is a side effect or at best, a foundation.

Design is about communication. It is about the designer trying to communicate information to the user in the most effective way possible. Therefore, design should not be judged based on its beauty but on how it fulfills its role as a communication medium.

Product packaging is a good example. Beautiful packaging is flawless and simple. It serves the brand, and the user wants to look at it. For expensive products, this is good design. Phone cases are primarily meant to be beautiful. The message they send is: "It was a good decision to buy this phone; look how nice the box is."

But we buy more than phones. When we design packaging for energy drinks, the objectives change somewhat. Then the design must be noticeable among other similar products. Flawless and beautiful design disappears in a crowded market. It is not enough to be beautiful; the design must also be effective. The message it sends is: "This energy drink is different from all the others; try it."

But what about ugly logos?

This is where ugly design comes in. Ugly design is often the most effective design. It stands out, it is memorable, and it communicates the message clearly. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it fulfills its purpose.

Signals take on the value of the brand it serves. If branding is about providing good and professional service, the brand will take on that meaning and become even more beautiful as a result. A logo will be beautiful with good strategy and management if it achieves its goal.

Are there any bad signs? Yes, of course, but the thing is, it's the wrong question.

Good or bad

When it comes to design, we need to stop wallowing in aesthetics. We should stop asking if the design is beautiful or ugly and instead ask if the design is good or bad.

Design is not about being beautiful. It is about communication and achieving the desired result. If ugly design is the most effective way to communicate, then it is good design.

Good design is a means of communication that creates results for the brand. If design works, it's good, otherwise it's not. Beauty doesn't matter much in that context.

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